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    A good set of cookware will last you for years, making it an investment for your kitchen. A really good cookware set is one that allows you to do the most with the least number of items. Sturdy materials and durability are essential for good, long-lasting pots and pans.



    Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials, does the best overall job, doesn’t pit or corrode and doesn’t react to alkaline or acidic ingredients. But it isn’t the best heat conductor so you need to check for added heat conduction features– look out for an aluminium core or an aluminium or copper disc at the bottom.



    An excellent conductor of heat and looks beautiful in the kitchen too. A Copper exterior heats and cools quickly for precise temperature control.



    Heavy cast iron pots and pans are very good for anything that needs to be cooked on high temperatures over a long period of time. They are also great for frying food and browning meats and poultry. It is also extremely durable and resists warping, denting and chipping. But even though cast iron pots will look stylish in your kitchen, they can be more difficult to clean.



    Non-stick pans are easy to use and means you can cut back on your use of oils and fats. They are also easy to clean but do scratch easily.



    Aluminium is a great heat conductor and is great for fast, even cooking and energy efficiency. Hard anodised aluminium is very strong and is scratch and chip resistant, and a set of cookware in this material will last you for years.