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    A gift registry is all about making your life easier. It is the simple, hassle free way for friends and family to get you the gifts you really want and need. We want you to enjoy your experience every step of the way. For this, our FAQs have been designed to help you get the most out of your gift registry.

    Who do I contact if I have problems creating my registry online or if I am struggling to purchase a gift from someone's registry?
    If you are creating a registry or purchasing online for someone who has created a registry, please contact:
    RSA: 0861 111 761
    Non-SA: +27 21 937 4565

    The easiest way to let them know is to share your registry number on your invitation, or a link to your registry if you have created one online. Please remember to let your guests know that any gift purchases must be brought to the attention of the @home sales assistant in-store, or bought against the gift registry online in order to keep your registry up to date, avoid duplicates as well as keep record of your 10% back gift card.

    Can I have all my gifts delivered directly to a chosen address, all in one go?
    When you create your registry, you have an option to specify a delivery address and date for all your gifts to be delivered to you.
    Remember to not set your venue as a delivery address unless you, or a nominated person, will be able to take delivery on the specified date and time.

    How does the 10% back work?
    After your event, if you have included @home merchandise in your registry, we will give you an @home gift card in the amount of 10% of the total amount spent on @home merchandise purchased on your registry. The @home gift card must be used in an @home store and cannot be used as a payment method for online purchases. It's best to remind your guests to let the @home sales assistant know whether they are purchasing the item as a gift in order to keep your registry and the value of your 10% gift card up to date. Online purchases must also be bought against your registry in order to keep track of your gifts and 10% gift card.

    Can my guests buy me a gift card?
    Yes! Gift cards may be purchased online and sent directly to you via email or SMS. Gift cards are also still available for purchase in-store.

    Can I include furniture on my registry?
    Your registry can include @home furniture but furniture cannot be purchased online. In the event that your guests wish to purchase furniture, they will need to visit an @home store which sells furniture to purchase the item in store. Separate terms and conditions apply to furniture purchased in store.

    Can I return duplicate gifts?
    Any duplicate items received as registry purchases may either be exchanged for items of the same value or, if the goods are @home merchandise, returned in exchange for an @home gift card or online voucher. Please note however that certain categories of merchandise cannot be returned. In order to reduce the potential duplicates, please advise your guests to ensure that their purchases are allocated to your registry. Please refer to our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions for our full policy on refunds and exchanges.

    Can I edit my registry at any time?
    You may make changes to the items or quantities of items on your registry, provided that the items that you want to change have not yet been purchased.

    Can I delete my registry?
    No. Your registry automatically closes by midnight on the date of your event. This means that you cannot make any changes to your registry and no one else can purchase directly off your registry. The registry will be permanently deleted 90 days after the date of your event.